How can I contribute to Project Machal?

You can fill out a simple one-page form with debit or credit card information. The pledged amount will be automatically charged or withdrawn each week, and will be deposited into account used for Project Machal exclusively.

How much should the typical family contribute to Project Machal?

Project Machal’s source of funding is by charging your weekly donation by credit / debit card. The minimum recommendation for a weekly donation is $5. Of course, you can feel free to give more than $5. Remember, based on the minimum recommended donation, it takes ten people to sponsor one family’s weekly credit. It is crucial that we sign up as many donors as possible to ensure the success of Project Machal.

How can a family sign up to receive a weekly store credit from Project Machal?

A member of the family can call either their Rav (which is preferable) or the JCCMP directly. The Rav will ascertain that this family needs assistance, and will call a specific volunteer in the JCCMP to add this family’s phone number to the store account list. The JCCMP volunteer will verify with the Rav every 4 – 6 weeks that the family still needs the program. A $50 credit will appear in the family’s customer’s grocery account every Thursday when they provide their phone number upon payment.

Will the recipients of the store credit be kept private?

Absolutely! The way that Project Machal is set-up, only the Rabbi that a family member approaches will know that they receive a store credit. No one else who volunteers for Project Machal will know who the recipient family is.

How can we contact Project Machal?

Project Machal is a program of the Jewish Community Council of Marine Park (JCCMP). To reach the JCCMP call (718) 407-1832 or email us at